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    Are you sensing something deep within urging you to discover what else is possible?

    • Do you have a sense that there’s “something more” but don’t know what it is or how to begin to find it?
    • Is your business or career at a plateau and you’re now ready to move forward to the next level?
    • Are you tired of feeling unclear, overwhelmed, or that low-level frustration and you want someone to help give you clarity and point you in the right direction on your path?
    • Are you in transition (or want to be) in your career, life or a relationship, and want clarity, confidence, the tools and a plan to move forward?
    • Do you feel stuck in an unfulfilling job and want to find what’s next?
    • Have you been considering starting your own business, or growing your existing business but don’t know where to start?
    • Are you ready for change? Maybe even a powerful transformation to uncover your authentic self.

    Within the first or second coaching session, Laurie’s clients discover they are more than they ever perceived possible. Together they start the process of unleashing the true greatness and potential inside.

    Laurie helps her clients to recognize their authentic brilliance and gives them the tools to step into the possibilities with clarity, confidence, direction and purpose.

    Ex: Laurie Polinski Breakthrough Coaching Advantage

    Working with people who want to uncover and maximize their true gifts, strengths and purpose, Laurie fervently believes that joy and success are not determined by having the ‘right’ circumstances, but rather by having a true perspective of one’s core nature which empowers us to create our desired circumstances.

    Ex: Laurie Polinski Breakthrough Coaching Advantage
    When I started working with Laurie I was looking to expand my business but I wasn’t clear on how to do it or the direction I should go. I was feeling confused and frustrated. When Laurie and I met it was clear that she was the one to help. Other coaches I had interviewed were not a good fit and did not understand my unique business. Laurie asked me some very specific questions, she understood my answers and helped draw out the courage that was needed to take my business to the next level. Working with Laurie gave me the tools I needed to really take my business to the next level and focus on what was really important. She helped me focus and alleviate my “monkey mind” which got in the way quite a bit. My business has more than doubled since we started working together. I feel so excited about how the business has expanded and what lies ahead!
    Kathy Regganie
    Energy Pathways