About Laurie Polinski

I don’t believe that people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they’re looking for the experience of being alive. ~Joseph Campbell


If there’s one thing I’ve discovered from working with hundreds of corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, women and men is this: Most people don’t know the hidden greatness that lies within them.

Too many see themselves from a very limited perspective.  This limited perception keeps them playing too small and prevents them from achieving their highest potentials and living the truly successful, vibrant and abundant life they desire and deserve.


I have found that most people are able to say they’ve lived a relatively successful and satisfactory life, but few are able to say that they’ve lived life to the fullest, drawing upon their purpose and passion, and expressing their authentic self and their greatest gifts in a way that brings them freedom, fulfillment, abundance and joy!

In my own experience, I worked at a well-recognized fortune 500 company for 20 years. Although over time my job began to feel a bit mundane, I was good at it. I liked the company, the people, and I enjoyed the perks of working for such a company. On a personal level, I’d been married to my best friend since 1982, with a wonderful family and home. By all practical standards … I had it made.

Yes, I was happy, but I wasn’t fulfilled. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew there was something more. There was more in me that I needed to uncover, develop, and live.

After years of exploring trainings, workshops, reading and studying, I finally gathered all of the keys to unlock the blueprint to my authentic self, my true path, and my life purpose.  This blueprint gave me clarity and a definition of who I truly am. I finally had a sense of self that gave me an authentic inner strength and self-confidence like never before. I felt like I was free to be me without fear or self-doubt. For the first time, I felt comfortable in my own skin and I was in control of my life, personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually.  As a result, doors to amazing opportunities began to open and life seemed to flow with wonderful synchronicities!

When I transformed from the limited idea of who I thought I was, to understanding who I was born to be, my life became magical.  Even as I write this, my life continues to open up and I learn more about myself every day.  As I am on my right path, I evolve, grow and expand in my self-awareness.  My relationships are deeper, authentic and more meaningful.  What I’ve learned about the Universal Law of Attraction has taught me to rise up to my very best self and attract more financial abundance, significant opportunities, and amazing people into my life than I could have ever imaged.

And it doesn’t stop there! I know now that you never really reach your full potential. What is clear to me now is that when you’re living your authentic life, on your true path, and living in alignment with your life purpose, there is no end to what’s possible.

That’s exactly what I guide my clients to find for themselves.

Whether you’re:

 feeling called to discover something more,
 contemplating a career change,
 wanting to meet your soul mate,
 want to start or grow a business
 wondering, “What’s my life purpose?” “Am I on my right path?” “Who am I?” “Why am I here?”

I will help you. I know exactly what you’re experiencing because I’ve been there.


My Life Purpose: To transform lives by awakening the greatness that lies within you.

My Passion: Guiding those who are ready for real transformation to uncover their Unique Blueprint, remove hidden barriers to success, become magnetic to an abundant life, and be who they really are so that they can live a vibrant, authentic, successful and satiating life.

I am a Stand For: Everyone living the life they came here to live.


The Specifics:

As a Professional Certified Coach and Speaker, I work with those who want to tap into their true greatness and remove hidden blocks to achieve faster, more sustainable results and success in every area of life.

After 20+ years in a Fortune 500 company, I chose to follow my own calling and established “Absolute Certainty.”

Acting as a guide and mentor I not only give you the blueprint for getting back to the satiating, fulfilling and meaningful life, relationships and career that you so long for, I guide you step-by-step through a practical, clear, simple, doable process that I’ve developed after years of helping people find what they’re really looking for – themselves. I doesn’t just tell you what you should do, I take your hand and walk the path with you giving you practical tools, as well as non-traditional, esoteric guidance as you move through the step-by-step process I’ve designed, called “Clarity, Purpose & Prosperity.” I show you how to re-collect the missing pieces that give you meaningful and life-long transformation.

My clients not only feel empowered, they are empowered to begin immediately transforming their life, experiences and relationships from the inside out. This transformational work is for people who genuinely want their lives to open up and expand in ways that is beyond your current vision of who you think you are and what you believe is possible. I will guide and teach you to know, trust and love yourself and create an amazing life from the inside out.

Married for 32 years, the mother of two adult children, a full-time life-purpose and business coach, Laurie has learned the art and the skills of embracing life fully that is required for today’s seemingly out-of-control circumstances. Her coaching and Clarity, Purpose and Prosperity program teach you what Laurie herself has had to learn: How to rediscover who you were born to be, and how to experience deeply satisfying, meaningful life, relationships and career, while managing and loving the life you’ve already got.

Breakthrough Success Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Workshop Leader

Laurie Polinski specializes in unleashing human potential,  executive coaching, leadership development, employee engagement and retention, and competency-building techniques. Laurie helps individuals and organizations achieve greater results and more sustainable levels of success.

Laurie provides training that works, is measurable and focuses on actually developing the skills that make the difference … and that STICKS! This allows organizations to target and develop the skills, fix the core of the problem, and improve ROI with long term results and ongoing success.

Since 2002, Laurie has taught, coached, and consulted people on how to identify their strengths and capabilities, and discover their true potential. Laurie’s strategies, techniques and powerful insights into effective leadership and employee engagement, transforms managers and employees into people who lead better, stay longer, overcome obstacles to success, and produce more.

Problem identification: Laurie works with managers to identify the impact of problem areas such as employee turnover, morale, performance and emotional intelligence.
Predictive testing: Using scientifically based testing and analysis instruments, Laurie reveals strengths, drive for achievement, weaknesses, perceived and actual behaviors, coping patterns, ideal job roles.

Targeted training: Based on each individual’s or company’s areas of opportunity, Laurie creates a one-of-a-kind, research-based training curriculum designed to address specific needs. Individuals, employees and leaders understand the skills and behaviors that are stumbling blocks to advancing their careers and improving the company, and then are taught to improve performance and deliver more effective results.

Individual coaching: For a more in-depth transformational experience, Laurie provides one-on-one coaching to corporate leaders and their emerging leaders to anchor the positive results.

Board Member at LifeSigns, NFP

Laurie has served on the Board of Directors as National Director of Marketing for the not-for-profit LifeSigns since 2011. LifeSigns is a NFP organization that equips women with the knowledge, career skills, resources, guidance and support for both personal and professional empowerment so that they may establish themselves as a positive contributing source within their communities.

Laurie Polinski serves on the “working” Board of Directors as National Director of Marketing.

Co-Leader of Engaging Speakers – Western Chicago Suburbs Chapter

Laurie co-leads the Western Chicago Suburbs Chapter of Engaging Speakers. Engaging Speakers is a powerful networking organization that offers an opportunity for experts to transform their love and passion into a message that best serves the needs of the world.

We provide members with a unique opportunity to build strong relationships, in a safe and supportive environment, that assists them in growing a successful business through meetings, mentoring, website and marketing. We serve as a resource for meeting planners to find gifted speakers to educate and entertain their audiences.