Integrative Freedom Technique

Freedom from blocks

You are much more than you think.

Conditioning, fear & limiting beliefs prevent you from seeing your true self and realizing what’s really possible for you.

Integrative Freedom Technique releases negative patterns that only serve to hold you back, keep you small, and stop you from becoming the fullest expression of who you are and what is possible for you.

Become free from emotional pain, negative beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that hold you back. Open yourself up to greater joy, fulfillment and wholeness.

Integrative Freedom Technique is a mindful, gentle process that can:

    • Exponentially reduce stress
    • Clear emotional trauma and release emotional baggage
    • Transform self-sabotaging habits & patterns to new empowering thoughts & behaviors
    • Eliminate negative beliefs and activate new positive beliefs that open you up to greater possibilities, opportunities and move you forward to freedom and success

It’s time to expand into the fullest expression the brilliance of who you really are. Open the doors to be your authentic self, showing up fully, experiencing a new direction that will move you into the path of greater expression of your true gifts and purpose.

“Laurie, is uniquely gifted woman. In less than one hour, she was able to help me shift my perspective and see new possibilities.” -Dayle Beyer

Clearing Blocks

Are you working hard but not getting where you want to go?

You’ve had the training and you’re working the plan; yet you still feel like you’re running in mud, swimming upstream, and allowing past patterns and beliefs to weigh you down– limit your possibilities.

Beliefs create your reality. Our thoughts, actions and ultimately our life, are all based on our deeply rooted beliefs – most of which are hidden and we have no conscious awareness of.

Releasing what limits you is a necessary part of transformation. Through your willingness to transcend your resistance, new insights and revelations will naturally emerge to draw you forward. Releasing and clearing away your limitations allows you to more fully receive joy, abundance and prosperity.


Open the floodgates to abundance and prosperity

If you are ready to have greater success, self-confidence and opportunities, then now is the time to let go of and surrender self-imposed boundaries that limit you.

Through Integrative Freedom Technique, old patterns can immediately shift, offering you freedom and open doors to more quickly and easily flow toward what you desire in your life, relationships and career.


Become the fullest expression of your true self

In this process of letting go and opening up to transformation, you receive the most precious gift – the revelation and expression of your True Self.


Integrative Freedom Technique is a powerful one-time 45 to 120 minute healing session, (done over the phone) involving:

  • a state of deep relaxation & peacefulness to directly access subconscious beliefs and patterns
  • outmoded beliefs and patterns that do not serve you are gently & pleasantly released
  • new empowering & energizing beliefs and ideas that support and motivate you are automatically installed

Integrative Freedom Technique gives you an immediate feeling of mental and emotional release, renewed personal power and confidence, as well as heightened clarity and energy. You will receive simple, practical exercises that you can use at home to breakthrough your current life struggles and open up to more freedom and success.

“Laurie is incredibly talented!! I was amazed by how quickly she guided me through the challenges I was experiencing and opened my eyes to who I really am. Laurie has a unique talent unlike any other coach.” – Sabrina S.

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