“We stand on the philosophy that we are all
more POWERful together.”

Personal POWER Experts

Everyday more people realize the world isn’t quite what we thought it was…it’s so much more. The old methodologies of business and personal development no longer work.

You’ve read the books. You’ve seen The Secret. And you’ve read every book by Wayne Dyer, Carolyn Myss, and Deepak Chopra. All of the self-help industry experts are saying the same thing and you get it. But you’re still stuck and find yourself asking… What NOW? What does personal growth look like in “real” life?

The Personal POWER Experts model is based on knowledge and awareness from years of experience in the counterintelligence world, business, clinical psychology and spirituality.

Our members are the ones who see the world for what it is, different and ever-expanding. Our people are the ones who create real solutions in business and in life. We’re the ones who recognize that in order for society to evolve, individual growth has to occur as part of a community.

The Personal POWER Experts connect those who are committed
to their own evolution so they can affect change on the world.

This group really helped me to know I’m not crazy for feeling many of the things I’ve felt over my lifetime and even more so lately. To be involved with such an evolved group has been great in helping me understand and accept some of these deeper concepts and feelings!! It’s incredible actually!! Thank you for the verification and clarifications!” – Sabrina

The Personal POWER Experts deliver the highest level of evolutionary information available.

You’ve found your home!

The Network of Evolutionary Transformation (the NET) brings Personal POWER Experts together to give you the tools and resources you need to accelerate your journey.

The NET connects you with those who have mastered the journey and honed their own “Super Powers.” The NET is a collective community of people working in collaboration and transparency to guide and support you on your own evolutionary journey.

It is hard to put down in words what this group has done for me. I felt changed since the first recording: connected, aware and open to receive information from above. I feel open to receive the love, knowledge and abundance of the Universe. This group is a sanctuary for my spirit. I feel thankful for everyone that is a part of it.” – Marianna

This group explores the following concepts:

  1. Evolution and transformation

  2. Living in your POWER

  3. How to create the magical within the mundane.

This group is ideal for:

  1. People who see the world for what it is, different and ever-expanding.

  2. People who create real solutions in business and in life.

  3. People who recognize that in order for society to evolve, individual growth has to occur as part of a community.

Together, we focus on community, discussion, meditation,
education, accountability, and support.

Join the Network of Evolutionary Transformation (the NET) and get access to:

  • the secret Transformation Group Facebook page

  • HUGE discounts on programs and services

  • monthly transformation calls and forecasts

  • instant feedback and guidance from highly skilled POWER experts

  • energetic connection through group interaction

  • an ongoing support system for evolution

  • access to amazing programs, assessments, classes, etc. not offered to non-members

Visit www.PersonalPOWERexperts.com

Reclaim your personal power, nourish your soul, and bring your dreams to life!

Here is your rare chance to connect directly with and be mentored by advanced spiritual teachers, intuitive guides, and energy healers in this life-changing membership community.

  • Do you sense that there’s something more for you to do but not sure what it is or how to find it?

  • Are you feeling a sense of urgency to move forward or do something, but feel stuck or blocked by something?

  • Is now the time to finally step onto your highest path and live your true purpose?

  • Are you ready to awaken or hone your own super powers, intuitive abilities, or healing gifts?

Join us now for uplifting support, real time coaching and guidance, peer support, powerful transformational webinars, and a strong community of like-minded people.

What I also love about this group is the availability. Normally you get this kind of professional feedback like once per week. Here, you have nearly 24 hour access as the group is online at different times during the day and respond when they are online. This makes the growth experience much more effective because as we all know, it’s better to address things as they are happening, not during the next scheduled session that could be 7 days or more later.” – Elmer

  • As a member, you’ll love the monthly “Transformation Calls.” Bring your question or an issue you want resolved and receive live guidance from our entire team of experts on the spot. Each of our Transformational Experts shows up in his or her area of expertise so you get coached from multiple standpoints all at once to help you quickly move forward on your journey.

  • In addition, members receive huge discounts on one-on-one private coaching sessions with our Transformational Experts who have mastered the journey and honed their own “Super Powers” and are committed to giving you the guidance and direction you most need to break through to new levels in your life, relationships and career.

  • You also have access to amazing programs, assessments and classes, not offered to non-members, to help you continue your growth and evolution.

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No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

I can say that I was a seminar junkie. I wanted to learn and experience as much as I possibly could. Never could I have imagined such a beautiful and safe way of expanding in consciousness. I want to share my gratitude for Jocelyn, Tonya and all the members of the PPE group. In the short time we have been together, I love that we can be authentic in our communications, which is what has allowed my soul to expand and soar. I am so excited to continue our journey together. I love you!” – Elizabeth

We’ve made membership easy so you can get the very best in
support, guidance, coaching and mentoring from our team of highly
gifted Transformational Experts.

Personal Power Experts wanted to create a place where you receive life-changing guidance, information and tools that truly make a difference. In addition to live support, we continue to provide tons of relevant content for you to learn and explore your own journey and develop your own path of evolution.

As a member, you receive the following benefits:

  1. Live Conference Call a Month:

    • Find out what the Universal energy holds for the month ahead, and learn how you can manage it to your best advantage

    • Ask your question or bring an issue or challenge to the call and receive instant guidance, energetic support and intuitive readings from our highly skilled Transformational Experts.

  2. Access to Exclusive Members-Only Personal POWER Experts Programs, classes, and webinars.

  3. Access to Private On-line Transformation Group

    • Bring your questions, challenges, insights to the group and receive direction, feedback and intuitive guidance from like-minded people as well as highly skilled Transformational Experts.

    • Share your stories

    • Participate in group discussions on various areas of evolution, energy and growth.

  4. Special pricing on private coaching with any of our highly skilled Transformational Experts (Member rate: $97 per session / Non-Member rate: $247 per session)

Join the Network of Evolutionary TransformationTM (the NET).

Just $49.97/month (No contracts. Cancel at any time.)

Personal POWER Experts have been incredibly transformational. Tonya is the mentor my higher self was looking for very long time. She helped me to fully embrace who I am while I was in a very evolutionary moment professionally and personally. Jocelyn is a powerhouse of knowledge and she guided me to break down the barriers and constructs and see beyond. The collective knowledge of the group is priceless and having them and both Tonya and Jocelyn by my side makes me feel strong and safe as I embark on the journey of fulfilling the purpose of my time on Earth . ” – Elpida Kokkota, Founder and CEO, MeXOXO


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