Should Ask Questions

Does life coaching focus on work or personal issues?

The life coaching that I provide is very holistic, which means that every part of a person’s life, personal, relationships, and career or business, is integrated and impacts another.

While one might come into the coaching process to focus dramatically improving one or two areas of their life, the impact will be experienced in career, health/wellness, money, spiritual development, home, family, friends, fun/recreation, etc.

Coaching helps you bring balance and satisfaction to all of the various parts of your life.


How do the words partner, collaborate, and alliance help define life coaching?

As a personal life coach, I view each and every client as creative, resourceful and already perfect and whole. What this means is that you have within you all that you need and, even more than you’ve yet imagined.

As your partner in the coaching process, I

  • ask the pointed questions that cause you to go deeper into your own self and find the core brilliance that lies within.
  • offer insights and suggestions that give you new and empowering perspectives on who you are and what is possible.
  • give you one-of-a-kind, practical and extraordinarily effective tools and assessments to help you build and capitalize on your authentic gifts, strengths and genius.
  • am your guide on your unique journey so that you can find your own path and create your life the way you want it to be.

Your dreams, goals and desired outcomes comprise the agenda. You set the agenda for each coaching session so that you walk away from each coaching session with exactly what you want out of it.

As your partner, I will always see and draw out your true greatness and potential, even when you may not yet see it.


Is personal life coaching just about action and doing?

Yes – and So Much More! Coaching is about growing and uncovering more and more of your authentic self, your true gifts and strengths, and becoming the master of your own life each step of the way.

My coaching processes, unique tools and powerful assessments give you the practical framework to become your best authentic self. That, coupled with my extensive training, experience and sense of intuition, has had profound affects on my clients’ sense of who they are and how they can create the rich, fulfilling life, relationships, career, and financial abundance and prosperity they desire.

It’s about evolving to new levels and enjoying the process. That being said, coaching certainly involves planning, willingness to take action, and accountability.


Am I a candidate for life coaching?

You may be wondering if life coaching is right for you. These are some of the areas that a life coach can help you obtain and/or master:

  • authenticity
  • redefine your career
  • dramatically improve productivity
  • open up avenues for greater success
  • clarify your goals, vision, and direction
  • attract what you really want into your life
  • reduce stress and increase peace and joy
  • create deeper, more meaningful relationships
  • greater life balance focusing on your true values
  • remove negative beliefs, self-talk, and self-sabotage
  • experience greater motivation, inspiration and passion
  • regain self-confidence and become empowered from the inside
  • transform your money mindset to one of financial abundance and prosperity
  • more satisfaction and fulfillment in your life, relationships and/or career


Can I benefit from life coaching?

As your coach, I partner with you to make your personal and professional goals become your reality.

I give you unique, practical tools and personality assessments that help you implement action plans that move you forward. I keep you focused on your priorities, values and visions.

I specialize in:

  • helping you quickly break through stuck places
  • reclaiming your confidence and self-empowerment
  • having more balance, success and fulfillment in your life
  • guiding you to see, believe and achieve your highest potentials
  • release self-imposed boundaries, negative self-talk, and limiting beliefs
  • self-discovery, connecting with your authentic self, and unleashing your true gifts, strengths and capabilities

Here are some of the results you may experience from personal life coaching:

  • regain confidence
  • experience freedom
  • achieve your career goals
  • discover your authentic self
  • dramatically improve productivity
  • reduce stress and increase peace and joy
  • enjoy deeper, more meaningful relationships
  • get clarity on your goals, vision, and direction
  • achieve greater success in all areas of your life
  • improve life balance focusing on your true values
  • remove negative beliefs, self-talk, and self-sabotage
  • magnetically attract what you really want into your life
  • experience greater motivation, inspiration and passion
  • become more radiant and self-empowered from the inside
  • capitalize on your natural gifts and strengths to become more effective
  • more satisfaction and fulfillment in your life, relationships and/or career
  • transform your money mindset to obtain more financial abundance and prosperity

Personal life coaching is effective and convenient (it can be conducted over the phone so location is no obstacle).


Why a Coach?

Coaching provides individuals with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to fully develop their skills and abilities to gain maximum effectiveness faster, both on the job and off. Coaching is a process that enhances performance, action, innovation, creativity, momentum and transformation by getting people to actively involve themselves and willingly commit to achieving maximum results in specific areas.

Through coaching, individuals can achieve their goals, or the goals of their organization, with greater speed and efficiency than through any other method. Our coaching involves literally hundreds of proven principles, specialized skills and practices which are concise and highly relevant to the goals at hand.

“What an amazing woman! Laurie has an uncanny ability to sense and uncover the blocks that stand in the way of moving forward. A gifted coach, she embodies compassion, intuition and wisdom as she guided me to insights and “ahas!” Empowering those she works with, she swiftly moves past what holds them back. I have experienced her incredible, authentic gifts and would highly recommend her to anyone who desires great change and understanding in their lives.” Denise Ackerman, The Radiance Coach, Dallas, TX


When Should I Consider a Coach?

Consider using a coach when you want to increase your capacity to solve presenting problems and successfully manage your business, develop specific skills, determine and implement specific actions, reach specific goals or create positive change quickly and effectively.

Some areas where coaching can provide profound and rapid results are:

  • Leadership skills development
  • Leadership team development
  • Sales skills development
  • Communications skills development
  • Interpersonal skills development or improvement
  • Handling stress and/or change effectively
  • Overcoming fears or anxiety
  • Identifying new possibilities and taking action


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