“Just because I’m now viewing myself and the world differently – great things are happening!” – Karen Butterfield, Chicago, IL

What is the difference between those who thrive mentally, emotionally, physically and financially, even in the most difficult circumstances and those who are continually stuck?

Those who thrive, experience more joy, freedom and success, have greater self-awareness. They have learned that in order for their life circumstances to change, they must first understand themselves and how to become the master creator of their own life.

I work with people from all areas of life, from those who are:

  • waking up to the fact that they’re not as joyful in their lives as they want to be and want to have the tools to make their dreams come true
  • spiritual seekers who want to realize the true nature of their being, and how to become a master creator of their life
  • sensing that they’re here for greater things and there’s something more waiting for them and they’re now ready to discover what that is and go for it
  • ready to experience the greatest version of who they truly are and express their true nature to attract what they truly want in their life

My teachings give you the tools and instruction to get you to wherever you want to go in your life, career and relationships. I teach, explain and give you the guidance to use your inner wisdom, your true hearts desires, and the universal law of manifestation to realize your full potential.

“Laurie, you are uniquely gifted woman. In less than one hour, you were able to help me to shift my perspective and see new possibilities.” – Dayle Beyer

Applying the methods I teach, you can learn how to most efficiently and effectively create whatever it is you desire, whether it’s to:

  • realize who you truly are, what your life’s purpose is, and what’s next for you
  • experience greater joy, freedom and expansion in your life
  • expand your consciousness and accelerate spiritual evolution
  • start your own business and be really successful in that business
  • attract the right partner into your life
  • learn to manifest what you truly want
  • become a master creator of your life’s experience

I will guide you through a journey of self-discovery so that you can become empowered to take control of your life and what you want to experience. I will show you how to get unstuck, release old patterns that prevent you from knowing and expressing your true self, and take the next steps on your journey to your greatest life.

“Laurie’s work is so much more than coaching, it truly is life changing. ” – Karen Butterfield

Over 30 years of seeking for answers to who I am, what I am here to achieve, and how I can live my life to the fullest joy and potential, I realized that there seems to be two different types of teachings available:

  1. “What am I?” Realizing the eternal, unchanging nature of your soul and consciousness which gives you a greater sense of peace, self-realization, and freedom.
  2. “Who am I?” Realizing the nature of who you are, here, how you can express yourself and realize your full potential to become empowered to create your best experience of life, which allows you to live in the flow of inspiration, joy, and abundance and share that inspiration with others.

I now believe that to live your very best experience of life, and create the life of your dreams, you must have an understanding of both. Taking the very best of teachings, teachers, and profound learnings that I’ve experienced in my own journey, I’ve created my step-by-step program, Clarity, Purpose and Prosperity, to guide you to a deeper understanding of the nature of who you are and the underlying principles of the eternal presence of what is within you. As a result, you are fully empowered to become the master creator of your evolution and journey through life.

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