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...now I am secure to move forward boldly and freely!

Amanda Bertrand smallerI felt stuck and fearful to take risks to seek my dreams. I felt discouraged and overwhelmed and unfilled. Working with Laurie was a great experience. Her gentleness, wisdom and groundedness helped me discover my true talents and traits. While working with Laurie I discovered how to apply my strengths and traits to reach my full potential and as well discovering how to use my intuition to help guide me.

What I like best are the assessments she used. Through these assessments I discovered my talents, gifts and strengths of my personality traits that I have naturally; and how it connects to my career goals, and what I’m destined to do. Because of these traits I know I am the one to give birth to the desires in my heart.

After working with Laurie, I am confident. I am secure in my strengths and gifts and I know I am the one to fulfill my dreams that my creator has given to me. Laurie helped guide me, now I am secure to move forward boldly and freely! I am excited about my NOW, and grounded in my future.

Amanda D. Bertrand, MA, LPC
M. A. Clinical Psychology- Counseling, Chicago, IL

It is humbling to find out I AM AMAZING!

i-tW2tC8Z-X3 - Version 4Even though I felt I was happy, I had self-doubt, negative thinking, and an underlying sadness that affected all areas of my life. I had lost my power.

Since working with Laurie, I have learned so much about myself and the world around me.

I have so much confidence now, and I feel so good that I’m just willing to do things that I wouldn’t do before because I really know who I am and I feel so much better about myself.

Before I was trying to please everybody, and now I’m just being myself and I know that I am where I’m supposed to be. That I hold the power.

Wow, I always thought that I was just this “nothing” kind of a person… I was just average. I didn’t know that I could have all this power and be anything that I wanted to be. And I know that now because I see it happening!

It is humbling to find out I AM AMAZING! And with that knowledge I will be able to have a big impact on the world.

I am enjoying that I get to have so much fun and happiness. I can't wait to see what amazing things will happen next!
I truly appreciate the guidance you have given me.

Michelle Wealther, RN; Certified Nutrition Advisor
Food Minerals & Miracles

Life is bright again and the possibilities are endless!

Life CoachI was experiencing a "void" in my life. On the outside, things were great. I was married to an amazing man, we had 3 beautiful children, had just purchased our first house, I had my dream job, everyone was healthy and happy. There was nothing to complain about so why was I so unhappy and feeling like my life was missing something?

I felt ungrateful that I couldn't be content with all the wonderful things in my life. Day to day life was a vicious cycle of feeling as though something was missing and then feeling bad for feeling that way.

Laurie came highly recommended from my husband who had done some business coaching with her. At first I was hesitant to bring a stranger into the private and vulnerable areas of my life and I wondered how someone who didn't know me, my story or my life could have the answers when I didn't. When I met with Laurie I had never felt so at ease and so understood in my entire life. I knew at that moment that Laurie is exactly who and what I had been searching for.

Working with Laurie was amazing, thought-provoking, emotional, tough, rewarding, eye-opening and difficult all rolled into one. She made me really dig down and evaluate who I am as a person, down to my deepest core.

The knowledge she possesses and the talent she has to really help you discover where and what the problem is and then giving you the tools to fix it is unparalleled to anything I'd ever experienced before.

Together we were doing some really intense and serious work and the entire time felt like I was just talking to my best friend. Laurie has a way about her that is calming, fun and exciting. She makes you want to be better, do better and feel better.

Since working with Laurie, I know have a better appreciation and understanding about myself and my needs. I see myself in relation to the world in a whole new way.  I now have the tools and the knowledge to fill that void, to feed my soul and to live my days happy and fulfilled.

Having this new awareness of myself and my needs has really helped me in every aspect of my life.  My energy is focused on the positive things in my world; on accomplishing those tasks that bring me joy and energize me instead of being weighed down by life and chores. Don't get me wrong, I still do the laundry and the dishes and clean up play-doh 5 times a day after the kids make a mess... but I've been taught how to do that in conjunction with making sure my own personal needs are met in order to make me a happier and more fulfilled person.

I'm finding the joy in my job, my marriage and my role as a mom and being grateful for everything in between.

I feel energized. Life is bright again and the possibilities are endless - because I chose what I put in my life. And I chose joy, excitement, happiness, discovery, gratefulness and love.

Amanda Smith
Aurora, IL

"I see clearly what my gifts are and that they are so much more than I imaged before!"

Life Purpose Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching

My experience in Laurie’s coaching program was Amazing!!! My awareness was raised exponentially!

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to find the answers right inside of me. I am jumping up and down and dancing with joy!

Just believing in myself and having a greater knowingness of who I am and what I am here to do…is more than what I thought was possible. It all came from what was already inside of me!

I wanted to experience life in general more fully. I felt stuck and like I was in a cloud of uncertainty.

I felt like I was lacking something. I knew there was something more for me to manifest, to become a more prosperous me, and grow a prosperous business. I wasn’t clear about what I needed to do to move my business forward.

I worked with Laurie because I wanted a spiritual approach as well as the practical tools and assessments Laurie uses. I was drawn to her energetically and I like that she connects with my Higher Self in our work together.

Most of my life I had live as the person I was molded into from childhood. Laurie, knew just how to help me find the “real” me. She used her own experience along with her knowledge, tools, and her intuition.

I love how she got me into a meditative state so the real me – my Higher Self could communicate what I really wanted and for me to see all I had already accomplished, and uncover my true purpose.

I loved how Laurie took the time necessary to accomplish this. Some sessions were longer because we were going deeper and unexpected blocks came up that were removed.

I liked both approaches – the practical personality type assessments and the meditation/imagery process to reach my Higher Self. Because of that my true path and purpose was revealed.

I really needed that clarity of who I am and what my purpose is. I really needed to see that I could manifest my purpose once the real me was revealed to me. This is helping me in all aspects of my life. Now I see clearly what my gifts are and that they are so much more than I imaged before. I now know that I am a more powerful person and that I already have what I was admiring in others.

Eva Gairabetoff

"I have confidence, a knowingness of who I am and my unique gifts, and trust and believe in myself

Debbie Ropella I had a lot of things going on in my life but felt stuck, like nothing was moving forward fast enough.

Laurie helped me think about things in a different way and helped me move beyond my comfort zone. The best part was that the answers I found were my own and not someone else telling me what they thought I should do.

Now I have confidence, a knowingness of who I am and my unique gifts, and trust and believe in myself. I feel fearless to just be me, knowing that when I am me, it gives others permission to be themselves too.

Laurie guided me to connect, listen to and trust my own intuition. I LOVE that I can get my answers from a place deep inside of me. I LOVE knowing I can freely give my gifts to the world.

Laurie has a gift of knowing the right questions to ask that take you to the places you need to grow and become who you were meant to be.

Debbie Ropella
It's My Joy Coaching

"I feel like I have a new life ...

Rae Ann Metz PictureI was stuck. My marriage was failing. I had no purpose. I went through the day on auto-pilot and was not putting myself out in the world. Laurie helped me change my life - she did not change my life for me, she HELPED me change my life.

Now, my marriage is thriving, my husband and I are closer than we've ever been. I have a purpose and am pursuing my passion. I've let go of things that had held me back for years.

I feel like I have a new life, the person that I used to be doesn't exist any more. I now have the confidence, self-worth, personal power, passion and zest to try anything! I smile all the time, I laugh, I laugh at myself, I am putting myself out there, and I am truly HAPPY all the time! I have a compassion for others that makes me want to share and help them in a way that is possible. I present myself authentically. I show up and try to be inspiring every day.

Laurie is the "real deal." She provides you with all the tools and helps you to achieve whatever you desire out of your life.

"My Mission is becoming clear ...

I am touched within my heart and soul.  My mission is becoming clear.   I'm ready for my journey.  Clear MissionI so appreciate you, Laurie.

Enna Nguyen Chiang, Founder
Books n Pillows - turning the children of tomorrow into entrepreneurs

"Now I wake up every day happy to go to work - I found my smile again ...

Julie JohnsonI was feeling lost, overwhelmed and stressed on a day to day basis.  I had lost my passion and my focus.  I had a successful life, but I had lost my smile.  I knew that I couldn’t find my true self and I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to find it.

I met Laurie and I knew she would be able to help me.

Through working with Laurie I now have finally found my passion and my purpose.  I found my true self.  Now I wake up every day happy to go to work.  I found my smile again and I’m ready to tackle the world.

I’m thankful to Laurie for helping me find my true self.

Julie Johnson, Chicago, IL
Midtown Athletic Club

"You've opened up the door ...

anita fogtmanLaurie, I appreciate, from the bottom of my heart, how much you’ve done for me.

There was something keeping me stuck and I had no idea how get past it.  It felt like a brick wall and I couldn’t go over it, I couldn’t go under it, and I certainly couldn’t go through it or around it.

You’ve opened up the door that I didn’t have any idea how to go through.  There’s all this opportunity now for me to move forward with my business and I’m forever grateful to you.

Anita Fogtman, Houston, TX
Independent Consultant, Ambit Energy

"With 3 simple tools that Laurie taught - my life has changed!! ...

Cindy WeigelLaurie spoke to my Networking Lunch 'n Learn group about Eliminating Blocks and Barriers that Hold People Back.  She talked about how the law of attraction works both ways - attracting Negative just as easily as attracting Positive things into your life. She gave us the tools to become magnetically attractive to draw clients to us instead of pushing to make a sale.

With 3 simple tools that Laurie taught - my life has changed!!

Since she spoke I have attracted a lot of business - all by referral. I have received contracts from Insurance companies that I never thought I would get and ...the largest Internet Insurance Agency in the US, has asked ME to partner with them to write Commercial Business for Illinois. Out of all the Big Independent Agencies - they chose ME and my small Agency (not for long) to be the ONLY agent they are partnering with in Illinois.

I can not thank Laurie enough for teaching me the simple ways to eliminate blocks and barriers that were keeping me playing small. I give Laurie my Highest Recommendation with Much Gratitude!

Cindy Weigel, Agent/Owner
Roxy Insurance

"If you want to learn how to acquire the mindset, habits, and principles that promote success in your personal and business life, Laurie is a must!

Chris KesslerLaurie is an unbelievable talent!  The skill set she has allows her to help you be at the top of your game.  She helps remove the limiting factors in your life that keep you from being at the level you want to be. If you want to learn how to acquire the mindset, habits, and principles that promote success in your personal and business life, Laurie is a must!

Dr. Christopher Kessler
Victory Rehab

"It takes the rare inner gift of seeing into a person’s soul and working with that someone from the inside out ...

jan longCoaching is a wonderful profession, but it takes more than book work and formal certifications to truly be an effective coach or mentor.  It takes the rare inner gift of seeing into a person’s soul and working with that someone from the inside out.  Laurie Polinski has that gift.  Her innate ability to delve deeply into a person’s psyche and quickly identify one’s inner challenges so easily is unique.  She skillfully helped me realized that it’s okay to “color outside the lines” at any age.  And, as a result of her enlightening and encouraging me, I am enthusiastically pursuing an entirely new second business venture.

For me, I can truly call this an amazing “breakthrough.” Thanks, Laurie.

Janice Long
Janlong Communictions

"My business has taken off to a new level since working with Laurie ...

KJLaurie cares very deeply.  I don't think she could stop helping if she tried.  Her combination of business experience and personal intuition helps you get out of your own way.  My business has taken off to a new level since working with Laurie.

KJ Smith
Financial Consultant

"I felt truly understood for the first time ...

RucelThank you, Laurie, for the amazing coaching session.  I felt truly understood for the first time.  I always knew that I had special gifts and talents and I've waited all my life for someone to help me bring them out.

I feel so much more confident and empowered to move forward.  Your help was invaluable and I am so grateful to have met you.

Rucel Pletado
World Financial Group, San Diego, CA

"I knew I had talents yet couldn't figure out how to move forward ...

ConfidenceI felt "stuck." I knew I had talents and potential for both more success in both my business and personal life.  Yet, something was "off."  I was seeking guidance and wasn't sure what I needed.

Laurie has a special gift.  She used appropriate tools to help me see who I really am.  Her tools gave me "data" and her gifts guided me and held me accountable to recognize and embrace my authentic self.

Laurie gifts were to pull many long-buried dreams, desires and energies to the surface.  She kept me moving forward and through the process I always felt validated and valuable.  As a result I feel gratitude for all of my life's experiences.  I no longer feel stuck.  I have a much clearer understanding of my "best self."

My confidence has returned and I no longer hold back.  I show up much more powerfully in my business and I am personally truly happy.  I feel I am a better person to be around and I am able to empower others.

If you want to see changes in your life, you don't need to know what or how - Laurie will help you do that.   Laurie gives you the courage to look at your true self and let go of limitations so you can become your best self.  Laurie provides a safe haven for achieving your dreams and goals.  Her compassion and insight will help you find the strength and confidence to accept your true self and have a ball living the life you were meant to live.

Linda Jackson, Independent Luxury Consultant, Madison, WI

"Results that were nearly completely opposite...

Lisa Hromada 2When I first met Laurie, I instantly knew her guidance and support was going to help me achieve amazing results through my work.  What came as a surprise was that Laurie would also help me to reconnect with a deeper part of myself that I forgot existed and powerfully transform my beliefs about what’s possible.

When Laurie recommended that we go through her CORE program together, I initially thought that the assessment would simply show me the same results as I’ve received from other personality assessments.

Yet, CORE actually revealed results that were nearly completely opposite from what I was believing about myself. Working with Laurie through CORE allowed me to see where I was holding myself back and how to move forward and take purposeful action toward my goals."

Lisa Hromada. Personal Branding Strategist

"Laurie’s enthusiasm is infectious and bound to light you on fire...

Leah Young PhotoI’ve been an entrepreneur for over two decades, with a hand in a number of different businesses and some success.  My current goal is to coalesce my talents, passions and skills into a wildly successful business which expresses the best of me.

I chose to work with Laurie because she exhibits a commitment passion for her work as a coach that resonated with me. Since we began working together, I have connected more fully with who I am. Taking the CORE MAP assessment completely transformed the way I think about myself, my purpose, and what’s really important to me and how I can help more people through my work.

Connecting with the nature of my brand has already allowed me to focus my goals for successful actualization. Laurie’s enthusiasm is infectious and bound to light you on fire. Having Laurie on The Dream Team is a constant treasure. I highly recommend working with Laurie.”

Leah Young
Leah Unlimited and Act2Reinvent

"I knew that it is something that every person needs

Indu Photo“Laurie is highly skilled and understands the need and the importance of time and action.

When I met her, I could trust her expressions and understanding of human nature. When she spoke about her process and the unique CORE MAP assessment, I knew that it is something that every person needs to in order to explore ones full potential.

It is our responsibility on this earth to bloom with full potential. Laurie’s process was a reassurance to lead my life in the direction that it is going right now. So it is the need of time.
Any reassurance and guidance towards your goals pushes you further by providing an extra motivation. Laurie has provided that extra confirmation too, as a sign of nature, to go ahead and live my life to the fullest, doing what I am supposed to do and being what I am.”

Dr. Indu Arora, Owner

"The universe had been telling me what I needed to be doing and you allowed me to hear it...

Kae ScottThank you, Laurie. I am taking steps to bring to life my calling. Thank you so much for seeing what I was resisting and avoiding all because I was scared. The universe had been telling me what I needed to be doing and you allowed me to hear it.

Thanks again for helping me find my place in this world. You are truly a gift and a blessing in this world.”

Kae Scott, President
Black Case Creatives, Inc.

“This was extremely eye-opening...

Cheryl_HeadshotAfter taking Laurie’s CORE MAP Assessment, I was pleasantly surprised at the results I received about me. Not only was the feedback provided by Laurie insightful but it also provided me data from a different perspective.

With Laurie’s professional approach and her excellent skills to interpret the findings, I was able to see where my strengths lie and in some cases there were indications that I have not leveraged what my true talents are to the degree that I should. I have opportunities to be even more effective and successful with my clients, colleagues, family and friends.

With this information I am able to refocus my energies and achieve better results as I continue to grow my business. I think it’s important to understand myself so I can partner with my clients to make an even greater impact.”

Cheryl B. Richardson, PhD
CBR Consulting, LLC

"I AM ready to get out there and do what I love to do!

Dineen DieetteLaurie, as always, you hit it on the head and things really seemed to come together and make more sense to me.

Woman, you are *amazing* I don’t know how you do it, but you truly are a transformational expert. You gave me so much clarity. I wanted you to know and to see how much you have helped me.

I AM ready to get out there and do what I love to do!”

Dinneen Diette
Professional Speaker

"You also helped me to identify and better understand my unique strengths and gifts...

Cindy O'Toole HeadshotLaurie, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the help you gave me. In the short time that we spent together, you helped me overcome some of the obstacles that I personally have put in my way.

You also helped me to identify and better understand my unique strengths and gifts and what I should be doing. I love the fact that I can retake control of my destiny.

You truly are a transformation artist. I am so looking forward to the future that I am meant to have.”

Cindy O’Toole, District Manager

"Thank you from the depths of my Spirit!...

Jeannie PicLaurie, After struggling and searching for a long time to find words that express the essence of “me” and “who” I am, and “what” I do, I was able, through your workshop and with your guidance, to develop what I feel to be a true reflection of my personal and professional life beautifully intertwined.

Thank you from the depths of my Spirit!"

Jeannie Anderson, CEO/Founder
LifeSigns, Inc.

“It feels like all the pieces of this puzzle FINALLY fit together! ...

Jamie Ann LoveLaurie, Thank you for your AWESOME gifts! ... It feels like all the pieces of this puzzle that I have had in my head FINALLY fit together!

It’s amazing to see how I can see where I was coming from a place of fear, and where I was coming from my authentic self. It is amazing how much clarity is around my life and what I am doing!!!

Thank you for helping me open up and really be honest with myself…WOW!!!! Everything makes sense now! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Jamie Ann Love, CEO/Founder
Ancient World Trades

"It’s really powerful!...

Tatiana pic“WOW, Laurie! I wanted you to know how important and helpful it has been for me to work with you!

So many deeper and more meaningful ideas came out in our coaching session that are really helped me me connect to my true strengths and what I want to do.  It’s really powerful!”

Tatiana Canaval, Sr. Communications Director

"Laurie has the ability to make you feel that you are the most important person when she is talking to you...

Annie Farr“I knew there was more for me to do with my life. My dream was an idea I couldn’t let go of but it felt like I would ever attain it. I was afraid and didn’t know how to move forward. I was frustrated, stuck, and felt like I couldn’t get my act together on my own.

Laurie has the ability to make you feel that you are the most important person when she is talking to you. She has a charisma that draws you to her. She ultimately conveys her complete ability, knowledge and competence to steer you in the proper direction.

You make the decisions, but she is your guiding force. She always makes you feel that she wants the best for you. She was quite instrumental in asking the right questions to bring out the very thing that was keeping me from moving forward. Her approach was very easy and methodical yet persistent in getting to the root of my frustrations.

After only our first coaching session, I now have a feeling of confidence, that what I needed was inside, just buried for so long. I have an entire new perspective. I finally feel free, energized, very empowered!!

If you are experiencing frustration, can’t move forward in a relationship or career, and don’t know how to get to the bottom of it, you need to at least talk to Laurie. You’ve read all the books, talked with counselors, and still don’t feel good about yourself in any way, give Laurie a call. Her program and Laurie’s guidance is the best thing that ever happened to me!! I will be forever grateful!”

Annie Farr, Account Executive
Dallas, TX

"In just a few weeks, I am already happier...

Nancy-tmb“Laurie has guided me into actualizing who I am and how I work in new and more powerful ways than I have experienced before!

In just a few weeks, I am already happier, more productive and finding that life is just a more wonderful experience than it had been for a long time. I am already beginning to see the financial and business results as I develop my personal strengths with her guidance.”

Nancy Magurno, Director
Mary Kay

“I first came to Laurie completely overwhelmed with the day to day struggles of running a business.

carrie collinsAs my business grew, so did my vision, but I felt stuck. Laurie encouraged me to think on a whole new level. Through her guidance, I have taken my business to greater heights. I’ve always had a mission, but she’s given me the tools to make that mission a reality.

One of the biggest tools is the understanding of MY mission – that has enabled me to permit myself to think bigger than I ever have before. Now, after working with Laurie for two months, everything is running smoothly. I have some amazing things planned for the future and am dreaming BIG.

Thanks Laurie!”

Carrie Collins, Owner
Stretch Chi

"Laurie was my go-to person for advice on how to grow my business...

Sue BeckerLaurie is more than just a coach-she’s a business consultant who uses her knowledge, experience, and creativity to provide answers and ideas. She also has a great variety of resources to help implement the plan we’ve developed.

Laurie was my go-to person for advice on how to grow my business. I wanted someone to help me formulate a plan to grow my business and hold me accountable for working the plan. We’ve created a plan that stretches through next year of tactics and products that will help me grow my business and revenues. She’s helped me move into action things that have been on my to-do list for years. She’s knowledgeable, creative, personable and fun. She’s also dedicated to helping me grow my business at a pace that is comfortable for me. She’s very customer-focused.

I now have a dozen ideas for products and services to add to my existing business, as well as a definitive plan of action and resources to help me move that plan to reality.

Laurie is great at what she does. She has a great understanding of marketing and people and has great ideas to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. It’s been fabulous working with her.”

“Laurie is one smart woman...

marti sladek picShe knows how to use her intellect and her intuition to bring out the things you know about yourself deep down, but haven’t expressed. Her approach is professional, spiritual and caring. It’s like having a personal GPS: helping you tell the main roads from the detours.

Thanks, Laurie!”

Marti J. Sladek, J.D.

“Laurie is the savviest of business coaches!...

Carey PetersI was wrestling with whether or not to get a side job to support my growing business, and as I talked to her about doing so, she asked me a slam-bang, million- dollar question that helped me understand that I was making decisions from a place of fear, and that, instead of moving backward, my life was giving me an opportunity to step powerfully forward.

Once she handed me that powerful “Aha” moment, there was no going back for me.
Thank you, Laurie!”

Carrie Peters, CEO/Co-Founder
Holistic MBA

"Her system of discovery is, in itself, uniquely brilliant!...

Blake HammertonLaurie gave me keys to who I am – what my personal brand says about me – and it feels like I’ve been given a secret map to uncover treasure everywhere. Her authenticity and passion are magnetic. Even in the briefest of conversations, she offers insights and invites me to challenge the way I think and see things – cleverly reminding me of my unique brilliance.

Her system of discovery is, in itself, uniquely brilliant! She gets right down to who you really are under all the noise, and what your purpose is here. I have personally stopped chasing who I thought I was, and opened my arms (and eyes) to the man I truly am – instantly justifying my passions and refocusing me on my values.

I’m so grateful for meeting Laurie and getting introduced to her passion, purpose, and process. She is caring, passionate, purposeful, driven, deliberate, and generous – all in the most relaxed and confident way. If you’re tired of spinning your wheels without any gains, I highly recommend giving Laurie a call. She it truly a pleasure to work with.”

Blake Alexander Hammerton, Entrepreneur

"Now, I can accept myself in new ways.

I had been achieving the same level of success, some ups and downs, but about the same level for many years not bad but not moving ahead toward my goals. More and more, my personal satisfaction with my day to day activities as well as my dream life was decreasing. I was a bit depressed, not feeling like I was making a difference in my life or anyone else’s.

I was looking for something new, exciting and achievable.

From Laurie, and her unique assessments, I got a fresh approach that immediately moved me forward from the place where I had seemed to be stuck.

Now, I am looking at WHAT I do as well as HOW I do it to move ahead and create a more satisfying life experience. I am more aware of the relationship between my goals and my strengths.

What I got from Laurie and her process, is an understanding of the complexity of how I work, and how I can utilize my true strengths to be more effective, was wonderful!

I have already re-arranged the way I do things (increased office help, for instance) and am more patient with my self when doing the things that are less joyful, but still necessary. I am not feeling as frustrated with life in general and, therefore, much nicer to be around! It’s easier for me to accept letting others be in charge of some activates because they are better at it than I am. I am just not as stressed!

I was happy with how personal the conversation was and how it was very focused on ME and what I can do with the information. Laurie has endless patience and stays in the space of me and my development.

The biggest frustration I was experiencing was the relationship with myself! I just wasn’t enjoying being with ME and, therefore, wanting others to meet that need. Now, I can accept myself in new ways. I have greater understanding of how I work and can strive to create situations where my positive attributes are more accessible for me.”

Shelley Pietrzak, Business Owner
Madison, WI

"Unique assessments...

I had spent almost one and a half years searching for answers, and while I was getting closer, I had the wrong perceptions of myself, my skills, and especially what I love and should be doing in the world. When Laurie told me about her unique assessments, I was skeptical that I would learn anything new and of value. What I learned was not only new, but of tremendous value in shifting my paradigm of myself and the possibilities I see for myself. It opened up a world of opportunities that look much more fun and enjoyable than the ones I saw for myself previously. Laurie has a unique intuitive ability to understand me, my words, my feelings, my emotional connection to what I’m saying and thinking and helps me connect to what I really feel, not just what my head is telling me.

My biggest ah-ha is discovering my true strengths and that it’s OK. I always knew deep inside that I love to get things done and am powerful, but I always saw this as a part of me to squelch, tone down, that would not be accepted because it may overwhelm and intimidates others. The more Laurie explained the results of my assessment to me, the more I understood that this is my true nature to share and inspire. And it has brought me immeasurable relief and joy. I have a completely new perspective and appreciation for who I am and how I’m wired. I’ve started to ALLOW myself to be the person I was born to be and it has become my framework for evaluating what I want to do in my life. If everyone on the planet could do this work go deep inside themselves and know themselves better, all would show up in the world awake, authentic and empowered to move forward.

Laurie, thank you for your words of encouragement. You’re a wonderful coach. I can see that you were born to do this.”

Julie, CFO
Global Financial Institution

"I was amazed by the level of the coaching session...

SabrinaLaurie is incredibly talented! I was amazed by the level of the coaching session- how quickly she took me though the challenges I was experiencing and also guided me though them. Her voice is very soothing and encouraging. Laurie really has a unique talent unlike any other coach. I recommend Laurie if you are looking for more of a intuitive and energetic approach to unlocking your emotional side."

Sabrina Schottenhamel, Owner
Be Touched Massage

"I felt like I was in crisis with my business and my life.

Karen butterfieldI wasn’t happy running the business any longer. I was working harder but not growing the business. I was thinking of a career change but had no idea if that’s what I needed or what career would better suit me. I had little time for my friends, family and hobbies and I was angry, depressed and frustrated. Generally I was very unhappy.

I saw a presentation Laurie did that really struck a chord with me; I realized I was just like others Laurie had worked with. They talked about how their work with Laurie had really changed their lives and I felt this might be the right fit for me.

Working with Laurie has been a great experience. Through our work together I have not only rediscovered my enthusiasm for my business but really connected with who I am. Laurie’s work is so much more than coaching, it truly is life changing. As a result of working with Laurie I have decided to keep my business while pursuing my other passions. Everything suddenly seems possible again!

Laurie helps you get to the core of who you are and discover what you need to be happy and successful. It is truly an enlightening journey that she takes you on. She is such a positive, spiritual force that the arrival is exhilarating!

I now have a greater self-awareness that allows me to make better decisions about my business and my personal life. I now have the clarity I need to identify my goals and determine how to achieve them. This clarity has given me the confidence to do the great work I am passionate about and which I now know will bring me the success I desire.

I feel fantastic! It has been an extremely positive experience. As a woman I feel there is so much more to our journey here on earth. We measure our success differently and often feel we cannot succeed in all of our many roles. Laurie provides the guidance to help you see how you can have the success you truly desire and the tools to achieve it.”

Karen Butterfield, President/Owner
State Farm Insurance

“I think every person on the planet should have the benefit of this experience...

Deborah HendersonI have had a very successful career but over time it has brought me less and less joy, and little satisfaction. I feel as if I have not been operating to my highest potential which has ultimately become very painful. The trappings of money and recognition are no longer enough to block out the pain of living inauthentically. The need to be my true self has become stronger and stronger, and I can no longer turn a deaf ear.

The power of Laurie’s coaching has not only met, but exceeded, my expectations. My biggest surprise is that I have, for years, hidden my true potential. Laurie’s coaching and her unique and powerful tools and processes have given me valuable insights into myself and others. I now understand myself better and find it easier to relate to and understand others as well. This insight has helped me communicate better and has enhanced my relationships in very positive ways.

I feel empowered to recognize and reach my true potential. With this change of view I can now move forward to support myself and others in a way that represents strength, conviction, joy, understanding and compassion.”

Deborah Henderson, Cloud Delivery Executive
Microsoft Corporation

"I am now more energized about my purpose...

Ron BordelonI am the CEO of Engauge Inc., a transition consultancy, that works with business leaders to make better decisions and take on bold transitions by being more transparent in their working relationships.

I decided I wanted help because I was often frustrated by my losing sales due to my inability to define my services to client prospects or my lack of skill in closing the sale.

I engaged Laurie to help me set priorities when facing complex challenges and develop marketing strategies that would elevate my income.

Working with Laurie is very comfortable, in part because she presents both sides of the coin, as needed. She can address complex issues rapidly, yet “lives” the power of pausing and reflecting, when it is more appropriate. She has many insights, yet never competes with me about who’s right. She can lead or follow, when shifting into new topics. These and other examples of Laurie’s duality have been very helpful, since I can often be a challenging client, by having high expectations of others in the midst of my personal incompleteness.

Laurie has helped me gain confidence when facing overwhelm. She facilitates my being vulnerable, so that I am at my creative best and can rapidly connect “long-alone” dots. She has helped me bring order to my goals and expectations. She has shown me that my seemingly disconnected thoughts are truly moving me and my clients to a much larger space that really matters.

Having worked with Laurie:
I am now more energized about my purpose;
I am much more self-aware;
I realize how often I don’t walk my own talk;
I have much less clutter in my path.”

Ron Bordelon, CEO
EnGauge Inc.

"Guided me to insights and 'ahas!'...

Denice AckermanWhat an amazing woman! Laurie has an uncanny ability to sense and uncover the blocks that stand in the way of moving forward. A gifted coach, she embodies compassion, intuition and wisdom as she guided me to insights and “ahas!” Empowering those she works with, she swiftly moves past what holds them back. As both her fellow coach and a client, I have experienced her incredible, authentic gifts and would highly recommend her to anyone who desires great change and understanding in their lives. I have made more strides than I ever thought possible and am in a very good place!”

Denise Ackerman, CPC
The Radiance Coach, Dallas, TX

"In less than one hour...

Dayle BeyerLaurie, you are uniquely gifted woman. In less than one hour, you were able to ask the right questions to help me to shift my perspective and see new possibilities.”

INSPIRE EXCELLENCE: Institute for Extraordinary Success

"I have struggled to grow my business...

With the economic downturn I have struggled to grow my business. I decided to work with Laurie to better understand how to market myself and my business. After only two meetings I knew it was the right decision. The tools she uses are ‘spot on’ in determining what is holding you back. I was then able to address those issues and quickly move forward. I am already seeing the results and am excited at the prospect of becoming even more successful in my business, as well as a more fulfilled in my life!
Thank you, Laurie!”

Linda Adamson
Adamson Design, Inc.

"I was tired of the drudgery of a career I had once loved...

I engaged Laurie’s coaching services because I was tired of the drudgery of a career I had once loved. I understood that I was no longer satisfied with my career, but couldn’t understand why. Having been in the same career for twenty-five years, I was not able to see a path forward that would allow me to transition into something more satisfying. I felt my life was adrift with no clear path out of the fog.

Working with Laurie was a great experience. She draws on a vast array of tools to personalize the coaching experience. Of great value to my personal life was our work in resetting my perception of several key personality traits, such as the true definition of what it means to be an extrovert. This seemingly small step helped reshape my thinking and allowed me to embrace my true nature as an extrovert.

Through our work together, my self-confidence has increased and my awareness of what energizes me has increased. I was able to develop a plan that will move my life in a more fulfilling direction and I walked away with tools that will help me stay on target.

Laurie was a pleasure to work with. She has a professional approach that keeps the sessions and your progress moving forward. Her passion for this work is evident in every session and every exercise.”

Eric Wood
Sr. Project Manager